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About Us

Nivagen is engaged in the development, acquisition and sales of generic prescription drugs and over the counter products for the North American market. Our vision is to deliver high quality products at affordable prices by leveraging global partnerships with the best FDA approved manufacturing facilities across the world.

Our sales and marketing personnel are among the best in the world. The US generic prescription market is currently at approximately $60 billion, and over $120 billion's worth of products will be coming off of patent protection in next 10 years. Nivagen believes that, with its strategic partnership model of global alliances with highly efficient pharmaceutical companies across the globe, we can provide cost savings to the consumer while creating value for all members of the supply chain.

Nivagen is focused in three areas of product development: development/co-development, acquisition/in-licensing, and providing sales and marketing services. We are actively looking to partner with CRO and CRAM to co-develop products. We are also acquiring existing products. If you are small FDA qualified manufacturer and want to launch your company or product in the US, Nivagen can provide complete turnkey solutions and cost effective delivery on an accelerated timeline.

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